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WindowART is a public art project, sponsored by Newton Community Pride, in partnership with FenceART. It will repurpose currently vacant storefront windows as a new art venue; engaging shoppers and pedestrians with images of vibrant, varied, well executed artwork by Newton artists.

Annually, a FenceART jury of professional artists chooses works by Newton artists, through a public call for art. The jury seeks works in a broad range of styles and media. Art work subjects range from landscapes, abstract, photography, etc.

WindowART in our vacant village storefronts will bring existing FenceART program to a wider audience, at almost zero cost using the existing pool of 100+ juried FenceArt banners from prior years. NCP believes this new WindowART Program in our villages will engage shoppers and pedestrians throughout our commercial centers creating an unexpected experience to “come upon” quality artwork in their daily lives.

The works, printed on 3×4 foot vinyl banners can be easily hung on windows with 3M command hooks.

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