#PictureUsNewton is our exciting initiative designed to build community through the placement of “selfie stations” around Newton. Photos taken at the selfie stations will create an online community photo album filled with faces of our diverse, welcoming city.

Eight local artists designed these bold and beautiful selfie stations. The designs, artist statements, and selfie station locations are listed below.

We invite you to take a selfie or photo in front of one of the selfie station backdrops and then upload your photo using the QR code at the selfie station or this link.

Please share your photo on your social media platforms using the hashtag #PictureUsNewton and tag Newton Community Pride.

Selected Designs and Artist Statements


Iselle Cohen

Location: Hyde Community Center, Newton Highlands
For my piece I drew inspiration from the city itself. Because Newton is called the garden city my subject matter is a collection of plants and flowers native to Massachusetts. The colors (yellow, a darker yellow, orange, blue, and a darker blue) are all also drawn from the city. The black and orange are the colors of Newton North, the orange and darker blue are the colors of Newton South. The Newton flag is black and the darker yellow, and the Massachusetts flag is the lighter blue and brighter yellow.”


Location TBD
thecollab is the coming-together of artist educators and longtime friends, Jaimie & Kate. We believe that the goal of the ‘Picture Us!’ project celebrates Newton as a vibrant cultural hub and aligns with our desire to create abstract representations of our shared experiences and celebrated differences. This quilted approach to our artmaking will function as a metaphor for the coming together of individuals and cultures, and will communicate to viewers what the experience is like both as a resident and visitor of this vibrant city.” Learn more about the artists here.


Location: 28 Austin Street Plaza
My concept of the butterfly is inspired by a butterfly on the walls of a Harvard Square alley. I photographed a street band playing in the square and due to the bright sunlight did not notice a butterfly painted on the wall behind them in the alley. When I got the photo downloaded off my phone I saw that the guitar player was perfectly lined up with the butterfly wings for a great accidental photo. I sent the photo to the band and they ended up using it for their social media promotion, which led me to think that having a butterfly photo booth would be something that people might enjoy taking selfies with.” Learn more about the artist here.


Location: Piccadilly Square, Newton Centre
A neighborhood is layered by it’s history, all the people that have come and gone and left their mark on it. The concept behind my submission is that we all belong in our neighborhood, because we all are a part of it’s story. The wall invites people to take photos of themselves here in their neighborhood of Newton; each color and shape represents a piece of the layered puzzle that creates a community. We all belong here.” Learn more about the artist here.


Location: Waban Library
I thought this would be a fun design for a Selfie Station because I adore when Newton comes alive in the Spring with colorful flowers and birds. The murals my family and I have enjoyed taking pictures with over the years are happy, bright, and colorful, and I thought this would fit those criteria! This image represents the beauty and joy of Spring.” Learn more about the artist here.


Location: Auburndale Library
2024 is the year of the Wooden Dragon in the Chinese Zodiac calendar. Wood dragons seem to be known for their creativity and curiosity. I used the lucky colors of 2024 such as gold, silver, and gray, as point color and the each alphabets of NEWTON is written on the spheres(jewels). Our family is originally from Japan, and the Chinese zodiac is a yearly interest, and several countries within Asia share the similar culture. Also, dragons are imaginary animals that appear in many countries, albeit in different shapes. We lived in Newton until last year. I designed this picture with the hope that by taking a picture with the dragon, it will bring good luck to our friends, families, and people living in Newton.” Learn more about the artist here.


Location: The Allen Center for the Arts, West Newton
In this artwork, I painted all of my family’s favorite flowers. My parents and siblings are from the beautiful Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago, where they acquired their love of florals. Each flower, although distinctly different, reflects the diversity and uniqueness of each individual. Communities where creativity is allowed to blossom allows us to have a greater understanding of each other and ultimately ourselves. By appreciating diversity and allowing it to coexist, only then can beauty truly bloom.” Learn more about the artist here.


Location TBD
This bright and colorful design called “Be the Sunshine” symbolizes how each individual in a commnuity can bring love and light to all the people around them! The different flowers personify this message of all coming together as one. When we shine together it helps our whole community grow! The design shows a sun in center spiraling around in a rainbow of energy and excitment bringing joy and bright color to our community streets and gardens.” Learn more about the artist here.

By submitting your photo, you are consenting that your photo will be the property of Newton Community Pride (NCP) and in the public domain. All photos will be posted subject to the approval of NCP. Any photo that, in NCP’s sole discretion, is obscene, profane, lewd, or offensive; or contains political symbols or language; or shows criminal or tortious activity; or is otherwise objectionable will not be posted. 

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