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Garden with Yellow and Red Tulips

Since 1990, a group within Newton Community Pride, a non-profit, volunteer organization serving our city in many ways, has designed, planted and tended gardens in various public spaces throughout Newton. This was begun and led by Leo L. Levi for many years. Our display garden is one of only four in Mass.

The signature work of this group is the large Newton Centre garden between Beacon Street and Langley Road next to the parking lot. It’s named the Leo L. Levi All America Selections Display Garden (AAS), which is nationally recognized organization.

Another major garden we tend to is the Hyde Garden in Newton Highlands.

Seeds of more than 30 annual variety of flowers are provided to us each year by the AAS at no cost.  These have been chosen as the best new varieties for home gardens at trial gardens, including the Mass. Horticultural Society at Elm Bank in Wellesley, MA.

Newton Parks, Recreation and Culture, as well as Newton Community Pride cover all other costs related to planting and maintaining the garden including a small greenhouse in Newton Corner.

Our garden year begins when the seeds arrive in late fall and are moved to the Newton Cemetery and Arboretum Corp. for germination.  It has made our gardens possible, by providing professional greenhouse conditions, which we do not have.

The gardens bloom from April through October beginning with spring bulbs (1000+) planted the previous fall, then perennials, and hundreds of summer annuals are added each spring from our temporary greenhouse.

Our volunteers tend the seedlings there for 6-7 weeks after their time at the Cemetery greenhouse.  We work daily: watering, pruning, and moving to larger pots to prepare for the move to public gardens in May.

After planting we work weekly to maintain these beautiful flowers.  It is a ‘labor of love’ which is very rewarding to all. If you’d like to join the Beautification group, please email to contactus@newtoncommunitypride.