Newton Community Pride is pleased to bring more inviting  and art-filled spaces to the Newton Al Fresco Dining Program.  Meet the artists and see where you can find their work. 

Franklin Marval

Colorful table with heart in center Franklin Painting the hopscotch Hopscotch in rainbow colors

In Newton Centre Parking Area: Table repurposed from electric spool donated by Eversource. Colorful Hopscotch.

Harun Zankel

 Harun 2-Al Fresco Harun 3-Al Fresco

In Newton Centre Parking Area: Two sets of barriers. Murals to come.

 Sara Tomkins

two green and one blue small tables with painted mandalas on top two young girls with mask sitting at a bench with one of the painted side tables Grandma wearing mask on bench waving. Baby next to her using blue table to stand

In Newton Centre Green: Side Tables

 Kate Carleton

Woman in Blue coat painting Yellow Flowers Green table with orange flowers newton to blue Adirondack chair Blue table wit purple and white flowers with yellow centers and green stems Blue Table with Yellow Flowers Women in red and woman in white painting barriers with sunflowers

In Newton Centre Green: Side Tables; Farmstead Table on Union Street: Jersey Barriers

 Leslie and Grey Held

Light blue barrier with painted white fence and flowers. Artist in Black tank top, khaki shorts and black cap kneeling Close up of Painted Robin with Red Breast on the Painted Barrier Painted white face, flowers , grass and red birds with woman in white t shirt standing behind giving thumbs up

 In West Newton Elm Street Lot: Jersey Barriers

 Raquel Fornasaro

Bench with two painted tables

 In Newton Highlands Center: Jersey Barriers

 Beautification Team Planting Pansies in Several Locations

Woman in Pink Shirt putting flower in large vase outside in front of building  

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