Greenhouse at Newton Cultural Center
Newton Community Pride greenhouse
Greenhouse at Newton Cultural Center

In 2005, Newton Community Pride´s Beautification Committee finally found a home in the spacious greenhouse attached to the Newton Cultural Center. After 15 years of using borrowed facilities in Newton and Waltham, The greenhouse became fully operational in 2006, with approximately 25 volunteers helping to raise seedlings and plants for public enjoyment at the All-America Site Garden in Newton Centre and other public spaces throughout the city.

Annually we receive approximately 23 varieties of AAS seeds that have been tested and awarded this honor for their growing qualities. In addition to the AAS varieties, other awarded varieties of annuals are also grown and planted. we also grow some annual plants started from seed by the volunteers and some propagated from cuttings as well.

The majority of these plants go into the Newton Centre garden. For several years, we have given plants to schools for their gardens. A significant number still remain for the City Hall entrance, the Newton Free Library, Adopt-a-Space and other public places.

The ample greenhouse, including an outside deck, offers an opportunity for expanded activities as well. The Committee has plans to start growing perennials from seed, as well as additional projects.

A volunteer manager runs the overall program and coordinates the activities at the greenhouse. The job includes organizing the volunteers who work at the greenhouse, supervising the conditions at the greenhouse, and monitoring the plants and planning the planting and maintenance of the gardens.

Volunteers are always welcome at the greenhouse. For additional information, call 617-796-1540 or