In 2021, Newton Community Pride will meet the challenges of Covid-19 and plan for innovative, safe, family friendly, art, culture, and community programming. This winter and spring 2021, we are planning virtual events including the Linda Plaut Festival of the Arts, Covid-appropriaate outdoor venues, and a new public art initiative across several village centers. We’re hopeful that indoor performances, summer outdoor concerts, and live theatre will return in 2021. We ask for your financial support for the following expected programs:

Virtual Production of the “Linda Plaut Newton Festival of the Arts,” Feb-Mar
Virtual Production of Musical Parlor Performances, Jan-Feb
Newton Al Fresco Dining Beautification, Mar-Jun
NewtonSERVES, Apr
Newton Out-Doors Public Art, May-Nov
Tanglewood Marionette Puppet Show, May

KidsFest, May
Drive-in Movies, May-Jun

Please consider supporting Newton Community Pride by making an online donation HERE or by mailing a check made out to Newton Community Pride to PO Box 610101 Newton, MA 02461. Donations of $25 or more receive a Newton Community Pride face mask.

Face Mask

Yes, I want to support Newton Community Pride in 2021 to foster more arts, culture, and community programming for all!