Newton Artful Pianos Logo

From July-September, 2021, Newton Community Pride sponsored Newton Artful Pianos. This public art program of 9 unique and vibrantly painted pianos were installed throughout our city for all to enjoy and play.  

Thank you to Village Bank Logo our Presenting Sponsor and our other sponsors and donors found on our Home Page.  

A special thank you to Newton Cultural Development and to the City of Newton Public Buildings Department for storing the pianos throughout the pandemic and allowing our artists to use one of your facilities for their creativity.

“All That Jazz”
by Cynthia Cole and Myra Abelsom
Former Location: Newton Highlands

Ladies at a painted piano  Colorful Swirls on a Piano  All that Jazz-Cole/Abelson  Swirls of paint on a piano outside a bakery

“Crimson in Clover”
by Ocllo Mason
Former Location: Newton Centre Green, 1247 Centre Street, Newton Centre

Woman with brown hair and orange shirt blowing primary color paints to make flowers on top of a piano  Red and White piano with flowers dripping down center and sides  Red Grand Piano in Newton Centre Green
Thank you to our Piano Pal, Lisa Gordon

“Sleepless Hyakume (100 Eyes)”
by Marin Murakoshi and Shoun Yajima
Former Location: Waban Library, 1608 Beacon Street, Waban

    blue piano with eye    Green Piano With Eyes

 Thank you to our Piano Pal, Rena Getz

by Leslie and Grey Held
Former Location: Trio Courtyard, 261 Walnut Street, Newtonville

  Black and White Patterned Piano  Woman with grey hair and blue shirt and man with grey hair, white tank top and orange glasses kneel down as they paint a piano in black and white geometric squares and lines  Side view of black and white patterned piano 

Thank you to our Piano Pal, Mark Development/Daniel Korf

 “Moe Zart”
by Adam and Julien Proia
Adam Proia (@adamproia_illustrator) • Instagram photos and videos
Former Location: Depot Coffee Shop, 1225 Chestnut Street, Newton Upper Falls

Young boy with brown hair in blue sweat with dad in red shirt, glad and grey beard painting a piano  wacky faces    
Thank you to our Piano Pal, Jerry Reilly

by Sarah Tomkins
Former Location: The Street Shopping Mall, 49 Boylston St, Chestnut Hill

   White woman with brown hair in a blue shirt painting the top of piano with butterflies   Baby Grand Piano with butterflies on it outside by a restaurant
Thank you to our Piano Pal, WS Development, Meaghan Combs

“Untamed Melody”
by Susan and Maggie Vaughn
Former Location: Colletti Magni Park, 386 Watertown Street, Nonantum

     Tree Painted on back of piano  Side of dark blue piano with trees 
Thank you to our Piano Pal, Terry Sauo & NNA

by Sage Widder
Instagram: @rosemary_sage_
Former Location: Auburndale Library

          Blue Piano with Jelly Fish on grass in front of library
 Thank you to our Piano Pal, Chris Weinmann

“Mountain Views”
by Abby Zheng
Instagram: az_art1231
Former Location: Farlow Park, 129 Church Street, Newton Corner

Young Asian Woman painting a piano with lights blues and mountain scapes    Young Asian Girl with glasses in blue shirt painting light blue mountains on a piano bench    Light blue piano with white fish outside
Thank you to our Piano Pal, Laura Johnson and Friends