“I’ve actually never lived anywhere but Newton and truly love this City. I became involved with Pride years ago and got to know Linda Plaut through Chamber of Commerce events. As with so many people in this city, Linda got me excited about community building events so, when I joined The Village Bank 13 years ago, I began to get more involved with Newton Community Pride.

As Vice President of community relations for Newton’s community bank, I have the opportunity to be out and about in the city I love. Since I am also very involved with the arts and culture scene, organizing and attending concerts and other fun events is very satisfying.

I love being part of any events that bring families together, from the little kiddos on up to multigenerational fun. My daughter is grown now, but being the mom of a musical theatre kid gave me a huge appreciation for all things song, dance and acting.

Newton Pride is the epitome of community building and for that I am grateful!”

Thank you, Susan and Village Bank!

If you’d like to volunteer or become a sponsor visit, www.newtoncommunitypride.org/volunteer or www.newtoncommunitypride.org/sponsorship