Liz Noon of the Beautification Committee has news about all the blooming flowers in the Newton Centre Garden and beyond.”The plants are in, the sprinklers are on, and our garden is beginning to look full and lovely.  And, Those Milkweed, pictured here, smell so sweet and fragrant.  It’s fun to stand there and inhale while watching the busy bees.  Hopefully we will soon see butterflies.

With the help of the Newton Cemetery Greenhouse Crew we have covered most of The Garden City with flowers.  Our crew has been busy, not only in The Centre, but at the Main Library (front and side), City Hall, War Memorial (at Walnut/Comm Ave), Crystal Street triangle, and Auburndale Community Library. Our flowers have also been planted at many other small city locations in village centers, in front of newly opened restaurants and shops, and along walking paths by other fellow Newton volunteers.”

Please take special note of Leo L. Levi’s remembrance plaque in the Newton Centre Garden. Leo was a founder of the Beautification Committee in the 1990s and remained active for two decades.

If you’d like to help with the garden this summer, please contact Howard Sholkin,