Sharon Stout has been volunteering with Newton Community Pride for more than 15 years. She has had lead roles in logistics, fundraising and in-kind donations for NewtonSERVES and has also helped with Harvest Fair, July 4 and Newtonville Village Day.

Read our interview with Sharon about her experience below. If you’d like to volunteer with Newton Community Pride, visit

Q: Why/How did you get involve with Pride?

A: I have been involved with Pride for the last 15 years. I had just moved into the city. I loved the idea of volunteering to give back to the community. Beverly Droz, was running NewtonSERVES, I had known Bev through the League of Women Voters, so I enjoyed working on the logistics team with her. Once Linda Plaut, took over managing NewtonSERVES, Linda then asked me to help with Harvest Fair, July 4, and Newtonville Day.

Q: How has your involvement evolved?

A: I was asked to join as part of the logistics committee, eventually becoming the lead. Then in 2008 was asked to join the fundraising committee, eventually becoming and currently the co-chair with Councilor Vicki Danberg. I was the event co-chair in 2011. In the past six years, Linda asked me to handle food donations that we would have in the morning for volunteers.

Q: What sponsors and/or individuals are of special note?

A: I have enjoyed working with all sponsors and key individuals over the last 15 years. The NewtonSERVE’s committee is a great tight-knit group. We had the same core group for almost just as long. I do miss some of the team members that have passed on. And we would have the same project leaders every year. So we knew the teams, leaders, and the needs of the projects. Now new generations are stepping up, so I am looking forward to watching and working with these events as they evolve.

I have enjoyed working with Dunkin Donuts, Shaws and Trader Joe’s every year. They have been with us for many years. We have also worked with Whole Foods for over 20 years!

Hometown Heroes:

Susan Paley from Village Bank – has supported us from the first day.
Ruth Barnett from Cambridge Saving Bank – supported us for 20 years.
Joe Prestejohn from CABOT’S is always there for us every year after year! We can’t end the day without him!
Former Councilor Jay Harney – always donates his time to DJ and provide the sound.
We couldn’t transport all these donations without
-high school coach John Staulo and his team
-the city’s now retired Parks & Rec Commissioner Bob DeRubeis
-Carol Stapleton and Dave Mandatori
-Newton Police Lt Bruce Apotheker and Auxiliary Police Deputy Chief Jeff Silton
-the firefighters at the Church St. station in Newtonville

While we all understand why NewtonSERVES and other events were canceled this year, I look forward to planning for 2021.