A Message from Mayor Ruthanne Fuller
April 17, 2020

Thanks Newton-Wellesley Hospital.

Newton-Wellesley Hospital is a critical partner to Newton in ensuring our safety and well-being. We have been working very closely with the people at Newton-Wellesley Hospital. Smart, dedicated, brave healthcare professionals are serving the residents of Newton and the Commonwealth so effectively and so compassionately during this public health emergency. I’m not exaggerating when I say they are heroes.

I’m thankful to have been in regular communication with the hospital’s leadership team. More importantly, I’m deeply grateful for the significant collaboration between Newton-Wellesley Hospital and Newton’s Health and Human Services Department, our Police and Fire Departments, our emergency medical service Cataldo, and the many assisted living facilities here in Newton.

On a more personal level, I hear often from patients and their families about the acts of kindness from so many at Newton-Wellesley Hospital.

Let me share a few updates they provided me:

  • Newton-Wellesley Hospital was treating 115 COVID-19 positive patients along with an additional 26 suspected COVID-19 patients as of mid-day today, Friday, April 17. Of those who are positive, 23 require critical care. Also, currently 93 NWH employees in various roles have tested positive.
  • NWH has successfully treated and discharged 108 COVID-19 patients who are now recovering at home – a testament to the lifesaving abilities of Newton-Wellesley’s doctors, nurses and other staff.
  • Thanks to many weeks of hard work, the hospital’s administrative and clinical leadership is confident Newton-Wellesley Hospital has created sufficient space, supplies and staffing to provide high-quality care to COVID-19 patients through the peak of the pandemic and beyond.
  • The hospital has placed a high priority on creating the ability to test staff, patients and community members – as appropriate and following the guidelines for providing tests. NWH is typically conducting about 170 tests every day.
  • Newton-Wellesley has vastly expanded its virtual care and telemedicine options to continue safely providing other medical care to non-COVID-19 patients and has conducted more than 10,000 virtual visits since the pandemic began.
  • The hospital offers an array of helpful resources for community members. Consider trying these: the Partners HealthCare COVID-19 Screener, Information regarding the Partners COVID-19 Hotline in English and Other Languages, and Guidelines for Caring for Family Members with COVID-19 at Home.

If you would like to support the hospital’s efforts, you can find more information here.