Icli Zitella

Vertices, which will be performed at all 9 pianos, is a piece for piano and violin composed by Icli Zitella as a tribute to the people of Newton. Many cultures from all over the world converge in this city in a climate of peace, understanding and harmony. Vertices integrates sonorities from different musical traditions: Jewish, Arab, Latin-American, Asian, African and European. The "Liberty Song", one of the first patriotic melodies from the period of the American Independence, is used as a connecting link among these different traditions. It recalls the ideals of freedom and unity that inspire America. As the text of the song, written by John Dickinson, says: “In freedom we're born, and in freedom we'll live”.

Icli Zitella’s pieces have been performed in major cities worldwide. A violinist for 20 years in the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Venezuela, and a professor of theory and music history at the Mozarteum, Caracas School of Music, Zitella holds a Master’s degree in classical composition from the Manhattan School of Music and since 2013 has been living in the United States where he continues to compose for classical performers, as well as for films and various types of ensembles.

  • May 21
  • 11 am Newton Upper Falls
  • 12pm Waban
  • 1pm Newton Highlands
  • 2pm Newtonville
  • 3pm Auburndale
  • 4pm West Newton
  • 5pm Nonatum
  • 6pm Newton Centre
  • 7pm Chestnut Hill
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